Tree Services Honolulu

We offer Tree removal Honolulu Services in Aiea for your ornamental trees, fruit trees, hedges, shrubs and wind-break trees in Hawaii. You can trim your ornamental trees anytime during the year. You can thin them out (remove the weaker branches and leave the stronger ones), you can “drop crotch” vertical growing trees (a 3-5 year process of reducing the over-all height of a tree), you can lift their canopy (remove the lowest hanging branches increasing the clearance height) and remove dead-wood and crossing branches. The best time to trim your fruit trees is right after they are done fruiting for the season, or during their rest period: late fall & winter. You can trim your shrubs anytime during the year, just keep in mind that there are two growing seasons throughout the year: spring and fall. These trees are only trimmed off for their dead branches.

Tree Services Oahu:
Having the right tree in the right place can make all the difference in the beauty and value of your property. We plant the right tree species following the flow of your garden design.