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Naio or Myoporum Thrips

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Myoporum Thrips Pest Naio Thrips also know as Myoporum Thrips was found in Waikoloa on the Big Island back in 2009. These sample have been assessed by University of Hawaii, Hawaii Department of Agriculture as well as California Dept. of Agriculture and US Department of Agriculture. The Hawaii common name is “naio thrips”, it is known in California as myoporum thrips. At Waikoloa location, the thrips was found to be the cause of servere galling at the terminals and also on young leaves.Adult naio thrips are found to be dark bronw to black and elongated insect with the young thrips being orange to yellow in color with the same shape just smaller. As far back as 2005 a speices thrip species were assessed as causing extensive damage to nursery and landscape stock. This Mypporum Thrips, while a new species name Klamborthrips. Unversities, State and Federal agricultural depts are constantly trying to assess the growing damage and migration of these different spieces across the nation and reduce damage and find solutions to the advancement of these pests.  Thrips Thrips (Order Thysanoptera) are tiny, slender insect s with fringed wings (thus the scientific name , from the Greek thysanos (fringe) + …   How to Kill Thrips Pests in Your Garden In this tutorial, we cover the typical garden pest known as “Thrips”. We’ll go over what to look out for and how to get rid of them! Click Links to Find Prod…   Bayer CropScience – Frankliniella occidentalis Over the past 25 years the Western flower thrips has spread from its origins in the south-western parts of the USA to become a major greenhouse pest.

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