Lobate Lac Scale

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Lobate Lac Scale

The Dangers of Lobate Lac Scale

The March Pest Warning is of The Dangers of Lobate Lac Scale.  Hawaii Department of Agriculture has specified specific processes for guarding against the spread of this pest. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Green waste from pruning  or situations of trees with Lobate Lac Scale being removed, it is best to leave the waste on site
  • Chipped green waste from a pruned tree can be left as mulch around the tree that was pruned.
  • Smaller green waste from types of hibiscus branches should placed in plastic bags that are dark, so when left in the sun the heat will help to kill the pest.  Exposing the green waste for a month or more in the sun should be sufficient as well.
  • Main point is to keep the infected material close to where it was found so as not to spread to other parts of Oahu
Photo: Hawaiian Biota

Photo: Hawaiian Biota


So far research on Lobate Lac Scale has not been done extensively enough to have a clear indication of it’s life cycle.  These pointers are the best attempts at keep it in guard, though it is established itself well enough, it probably will not be eradicated.


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