Lobate Lac Scale

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Lobate Lac Scale

Lobate Lac Scale Pest


The pest of the month for July is the lobate lac scale insect which was discovered in 2012 during an arborist climbing competition. This unwanted pest of many Hawaiian pest has managed to infect at least 50 species of native and non-native Hawaii plants and is putting in danger some local banyans as you can see from the video below.

An Odd Cousin the Lac

As a little side history to the lac species of insect, certain genus of this insect are actually part of a products produced in India and Thailand. The resin from the excresion of the insect are used in confectioners glaze.

Pharmaceutical glaze is an alcohol-based solution of various types of food-grade shellac. The shellac is derived from the raw material sticklac, which is a resin scraped from the branches of trees left from when the small insect, Kerria lacca (also known as Laccifer lacca), creates a hard, waterproof cocoon. When used in food and confections, it is also known as confectioner’s glaze, resinous glaze, pure food glaze, natural glaze, or confectioner’s resin.”

The Local Lac Scale

In Hawaii we are not fortunate to have a pest which is an integral part of the local economy. The trees and other plants which give Hawaii its value as an Island of Beauty are being attacked by the pest. Though it is specifically on the Island of Oahu, it may be a matter of time before it spreads to other island without serious mitigation. A little more about our local pest and its definition. 

“Paratachardina pseudolobata, the lobate lac scale, is a polyphagous and pestiferous lac scale insect, which damages trees and woody shrubs in Cuba, Florida, the Bahamas and the Australian territory of Christmas Island. It was mistakenly identified as Paratachardina lobata (Chamberlin), an insect native to India and Sri Lanka, but was in 2007 recognized and named as a distinct species based on material from Florida; its native distribution is as yet unknown. The new lac insect was described based on all stages of the female (adult, second-instar nymph and first-instar nymph), during the revision of the genus Paratachardina, wherein all its known species were redescribed.”

To Report Suspected Infestations of the lobate lac scale, please call the numbers below:

Call Us:808-220-3452 
Oahu: 808-973-9525
Maui: 808-873-3949
Hawaii Island:
Hilo: 808-974-4146
Kona: 808-323-7579

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