Gardens Love Compost!

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The  main  idea of  composting  is  that every  bit  of plant  matter,  every  leaf, flower,  fruit,  twig, branch,  tree  trunk,  and so on will  be break down  into  basic  elements,  minerals,  and soil. There are many benefits of composting. For  instance,  it’s  magnificent  in the garden. Adding  compost  to soil,  dirt, and/or  sand  has many  benefits  as  well.

Compost  really  helps  balance  out  tough  undesired plant  material.  Like  by  adding  compost to sandy  soil, it will retain more  moisture.  Adding compost  to  clay  helps break  up  the  harsh  dense nature  of  heavy  clay  allowing  for  quicker  drainage,  less  compaction  during dry times and tendency to have a higher pH level.
Composite can be broken  down  into  four main ingredients:

    • Carbon,  also known  as  “the  brown stuff”  can  be  dry  leaves, twigs  or  branches,  newspapers,  printer  paper,  and/or cardboard.   Dried Avocado  or  Mango  leaves  are a  great  source  of  carbon here in Hawaii.
    • Nitrogen,  also known as “the green stuff” is simply fresh plant material.  Typical  “green  stuff” consists  of  newly  cut grass,  pulled  weeds,  fresh tree  trimmings,  vegetable and  fruit  peels,  and  leftover  salad.  Gardeners  are encouraged  to  inspect  the “green  stuff”  before  adding  it  to  the  pile  for  any seeds which may cause the compost to sprout weeds.
    • Last  two  ingredients  necessary for  the  compost  pile are  water  and  oxygen,  the  fundamental elements  of  life.  A successful  compost pile  will  have  adequate  moisture  and proper airflow.


Gardening  can  be very  expensive  if  all  the soil  has  to  come  for  the home  improvement  store. Composting  is  easy,  cost effective and proven useful in  garden.  Setting  up  a composting  pile  or  composting  system  isn’t  too difficult  and  would  be  a great weekend project!

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