Drop Crotch

Drop Crotch Tree Pruning

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Drop Crotch – This style of pruning is often done as an alternative to aggressive topping.  When a tree is topped the new branches that grow back are elongated with little taper and little inside lateral branching.  This results in branches with heavy end weight that are more prone to failing than natural growth.  Drop Crotching in turn reduces the height and overall size of a tree by lightly removing the end weight.  This will mitigate branch failure in the immediate future.  This style of pruning is also done with many Mango and Avocado trees grown in smaller residential yards.  Often times families planted a Mango tree generations ago in their family property not realizing the capability of the how large it can grow over time.  With drop crotch pruning, we are able to maintain a trees overall size with still allowing it to yield fruit year after year.  The alternative is to aggressively “top” the tree which results in having no fruit for 2-3 years afterwards due to the aggressive pruning, then a huge yield of fruit that is mostly wasted because most families cannot eat 200+ mango’s in a growing season.