Tips on Taking Care of your Plants

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Plant Health Care PHCIt is always fun to plant a tree, bush, flowering plant or shrub to your yard. But, a few pointers are needed in understanding what to look for and how to keep your yard healthy for the long term. Some symptoms to look for are: • discolored leaves • Dead branches • Leaf drop • Or infestations of insects The Arborist Solution Keeping an eye out for the above symptoms makes you the first line of defense and solution in mitigating a plant health care solution(PHC). A good plant health care program includes these 3 things: 1. Routine monitoring 2. preventative treatment 3. a strong relationship between the home owner and their arborist The Focus on Plant rather than just Tree Health Care Though the trees are the most obvious landmark of your yard, all plants including the trees share the common ground and need to be looked at as a whole. The key points a healthy yard. • Trees need to be trimmed for safety beauty and health • The underlying ground grow needs the right amount of shade and use of shared soil • The soil needs to be fertilized watered with balanced needs to each individual plant in the yard • Shared sunlight through the tree canopee needs to be considered for the health of the turf grass.   The Advantages of using and Arborist Though most plants to the untrained eye might live well with little care for a long time, to the certified arborist, they see many things the homeowner may overlook such as: • Detection of tree and shrub problems before they are irreversible • Make tree & shrub selection wit proper balance to soil, lighting and placement • The can consult with your regular lawn care company regarding any special care needs. As a final note regarding an over all PHC program : Remember, the potential size and longevity of trees and shrubs warrants special attention in your landscape. Bedding plants can be replaced in a few short weeks and a lawn in a single growing season, but it can take a lifetime or more to replace a mature tree. Plants are very amazing and play an important role in our lives and nature therefore we must invest in knowledge in taking care of them also educate our children the importance of plants in our daily lives as we build a better place here in...

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Honolulu Tree Services

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Tree Services With the year round weather of Hawaii Trees need servicing all year around. The best Honolulu Tree Services available is from Kendall Landscaping Services, Inc. A typical service at the Academy of Arts museum in Honolulu To all keep property healthy, regular scheduled tree trimming and occasional tree removal is an essential process of keeping a landscape in top shape.  To learn about proper maintenance or to schedule service, just call Andrew at (808) 220...

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H awaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) has requested that the green waste generated from pruning or removing a Lobate Lac Scale (LLS) infested plant be left at the site where it originated to reduce the risk of spreading this pest around Oahu. For example, chipped green waste from a tree can be left as mulch under the tree that was pruned. Smaller green waste, like hibiscus branches, can be bagged in dark plastic and left in the sun in an out-of-the-way corner of the property for a few days. The heat generated in the bag will hopefully be sufficient to “cook” the LLS. Leaving any of the green waste out in the sun for a month or so would probably work as well. Unfortunately, research on the life cycle of LLS and how long the different stages last doesn’t exist, so this is just a best guess. It is certainly better than doing nothing. LLS is sufficiently established on Oahu to be impossible to eradicate, but landscape professionals are the first line of defense in slowing it...

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        p.O. Box 25003- Honolulu, Hawaii 96828 – (808)220-3452, Office (808)254-9693 – office@kendalllandscapeservice.com  ...

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