April Tip of the Month

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T he majority of the population believes that when a plant or palm is not doing well to simply lay down some fertilizer. Is the area being over watered, under watered? Is the soil compact? Is it too acidic or alkaline? These are just a few of the questions one should look into prior to just laying down fertilizer.

If the plant is being over watered, often times you may see the tips of the leaves brown out, not enough water leaves begin to wilt. Also, when the soil is heavily compacted fertilizing may be a temporary solution. However, the majority of the nutrients will just wash away because the soil is not able to absorb water which carries the fertilizer.
The pH in your soil plays a big part to plant and tree health. Over fertilizing lowers pH overtime therefore it would be suggested to add lime.

In areas such as Ewa Beach where it is hot with little rainfall, the soil is most likely alkaline. Therefore sulfur should be added to the soil. Mulch and compost also help tremendously to a high pH alkaline soil.The best and most prudent way to go is to test the pH of your soil with a pH tester that can be purchased at most any hardware store and adjust accordingly. Also, try to stay away from synthetic fertilizers unless there is a severe specific case.

Composting, worm casting and laying mulch are all highly recommended to increase soil/nutrient absorption rates and microbiological activity in the soil. Cow, pig and/or chicken manure should also be added and mixed into the compost for better results. These remedies do not take place over night but are a steady step in the right direction.*

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