When Trees Fail

cast off christmas trees
Some unfortunate events may happen in trees or our plants but we may not have any clues or signs that it will occur. Nor, we don’t have any idea when will it happen. This may be very dangerous to us and everyone since we are living around with our precious trees.

When trees fail, the warning signs are often not visible to the untrained eye.  These failures can cause exponential damage to nearby homes, structures and serious injury or fatalities to innocent bystanders.  Tree failures can be prevented by instituting a proper plan of Tree Health Care maintenance.  Trees may contain large cavities, weak or insufficient root structures and/or co-dominant main trunks that a trained professional can detect and develop a plan of action to mitigate tree or branch failure.  As seen in the illustration on the top, this complete tree failure could have been prevented by simply reducing the canopy to alleviate end weight thereby reducing  the potential for this failure.  There are several ways a trained Certified Arborist or Certified Tree Risk Assessor can determine the overall health of a tree.  If you have a large tree on your property it is prudent to have it checked out periodically, a simple pruning could deter a potentially disastrous situation.

So for us, a common citizen, it may very helpful if we will have a knowledge or learn the tips on how to take good care of our plant and trees in order to avoid this disastrous happening. One may consider the area where our homes and other infrastructure is located. Trees that are very tall and large already should needed be trimmed down or cut. Planting huge trees nearby busy streets or public places should be regulated also. We never know when a disaster will struck and it may cost our very own lives or our love ones. We need to be vigilant and act accordingly to our surroundings. This matter should not be taken lightly. Proper way of growing trees and plants will save us and not harm us.