Tree Planting Tips

Considerations before Tree Planting

Before proceeding forward with tree planting on your property , there are a few things to consider. With these few steps take care of, you should be able to enjoy the added beauty to your property enjoyment of added shade potential harvest of luscious fruit and added value to your whole property.

First Steps in Tree Planting

  1. Tree selection:  Each property has different soil and each home owner has a different desire and consideration as to what is expected for future beauty, enjoyment, and practicality.
  2. Tree Placement: Different properties and building structures will determine the proper location of use as well as functionality of each different tree type with surrounding vegetation and structures.
  3. Tree Planting Principles: No matter what the desire you might have in mind, if you do not follow proper tree planting techniques matched to the particular tree and the soil needs, then the over-all result will not be successful.

Almost everyone has an understanding of the value of trees, but becoming educated before initial steps to plant selection and planting will make for a much better end result. Read the few steps here and follow the links we have provided and you will be ahead of the curve in having a successful addition to your trees and landscape health.